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Dealing with Sin

“For the first time I have seen that my real problem is sin. I struggled with anorexia for years and never saw real improvement. Calling it anxiety, anger, confusion, distrust helps me pray more specifically and repent of what I am doing.”

Restoring Fellowship with God

“Now that I have read your text I feel enlightened and I suppose I realize that I have to return to God fully in my life if I want to make progress. Your text has helped me to see the light and I will be following the path of God more fully as from today. Thank you.”

Resolving Anger Problems

“My words have been the source of all my problems. I have decided to prayerfully, consciously work on not responding immediately to my husband, house help or anyone who angers me. Thank you so much, your word has lifted me.”

Extending Forgiveness

“I will first start by thanking Him as he gave you much knowledge and wisdom to bring out a wonderful and understanding website like this. This site has changed my life as I am talking right now. I have learned how to forgive those who trespass against me.”

Developing Self-Control

“Oh, thank you very much for your educative tips on word use and control. It has helped on how to control my tongue and to have a forgiving heart to my colleagues always.”

Healing Family Relationships

“I’m a girl living in Ghana, Africa. I am very bad tempered and this has affected the relationship between my brothers and family. Now I know if I follow what I read in the Bible I’ll get peace with my family. Thank you for sending God’s message to the world.”

Overcoming Depression

“I thank you for this encouraging message…I had stress due to what others do…I had reached an extent of even committing suicide, but I have made up my mind…I am now relieved and reasoning biblically. God bless. Thank you.”

Achieving Marital Peace

“Am at peace now. I have always tried on my own without involving God. Now I know God is the foundation of my marriage. Thanks a lot.”

Relinquishing Fear

“That article has made me realize that it’s not the task but the spirit in which I am operating. I have the spirit of fear and I do not like rejection or failure; this has hindered my growth and peace of mind has eluded me. Am going to change my way of thinking and I will keep
you posted. Thanks for the insight.”

Trusting God

“This part helped me a lot to focus on God but not to use my own understanding. Thanks a lot for your message that has taught me to commit everything into God’s hands.”

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