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Ministry Involvement

Henry's first involvement with a formal ministry was with Voice of Christian Youth (VCY), which later became Youth for Christ. Henry became a “soul winner” during their Saturday night rallies. He would lead the young people who came forward to accept Christ. While involved with Youth for Christ, he became acquainted with prestigious leaders such as Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows, and many others.

Henry began a missionary training ministry that developed into a counseling clinic in 1956 and continues until this day. While Dr. Brandt was still active in the clinic, each Friday he would present lectures, which focused on personal growth, development, marriage, and family. It was through this outreach, that his extraordinary ability to communicate his message through the Scriptures to a diverse group of listeners and to know his audience was revealed. Dr. Brandt had a unique ability to make you laugh while at the same time using the Scripture to reach the inner person in a way that brings about change. Through this outreach, coupled with his gift as a communicator, Dr. Brandt was able to launch his worldwide platform.

As Dr. Brandt’s worldwide ministry grew, the clinic also grew to include eight associate counselors, and supported a number of missionary endeavors. Dr. Brandt eventually took a minor role in the clinic, and received commission from its endeavors, as he was more interested in occupying his time to deliver God’s Word to change the lives of others. Another branch of his ministry included a radio program airing over Moody Bible Institute’s WMBI station from 1961 to 1971. He also served as a professor of psychology from 1951 to 1955, and a visiting professor from 1970 to 1982, in which he used the Word of God to help transform the lives of hurting people.

Approximately half way through the counseling clinic era, Henry came in contact with Crusade for Christ. Henry had been speaking at a mission conference in Minnesota when Vonette Bright introduced herself to Henry and asked him if he would be willing to speak to their small group (25 or so) that met in a rented house. At that time, the staff of Campus Crusades could fit into a standard living room. Vonette Bright asked Henry if he would present this message to them, and he agreed. Bill Bright, founder of the organization, explained to Henry that they had a mandate from God to reach the college campuses of this country. They had been working on two campuses at the time: The University of California and UCLA. The Campus Crusades for Christ experienced a boost when quarterback of UCLA, Don Moumaw, accepted the Lord, and was speaking out for them.

While here, Henry learned many things, but one of the things that really struck him was Bill's idea that being a witness was not to verbalize faith, but to live it. So they were living examples. Bill Bright was a visionary, and he saw his ministry staff doubling in a year. Henry thought Bill was "off his rocker," but then Bill invited Henry to speak at their training center a year later. By that time, Campus Crusades for Christ owned the Conference Center at Mound, Minnesota. After some time, Henry received another invitation to speak at Campus Crusades for Christ, and this time, they owned Arrowhead Springs, California. Bill Bright asked Henry to join the staff, and he consented. Henry volunteered his time while at Campus Crusades for Christ, but God blessed the work of his hands, tremendously. Brandt recalls, "I began working for Crusade for Christ and at first, I interviewed all the candidates for the staff. In those days, you didn't make it onto Crusade staff until you got past me. Interviewing candidates grew rapidly until I would have 100 to interview, so I invited Howard Blandau to join me." Henry eventually turned the interviewing over to Howard, as he was involved in other ministry outreaches. His radio program with WMBI, Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, Back to the Bible Broadcast.

"For I've given angels charge over you to keep you in all of your ways...
Matthew 4:6

For three years, Henry was a visiting professor at the Trinity Divinity School, now known as Trinity International. While in this position, Henry discovered God's Divine Protection over his life. Henry shares, "I would fly in Monday morning, teach my counseling course, and fly home Monday night." Now enter God's Divine protection...Henry continues, "I had gotten so I didn't like flying too much. I could take a train sleeper from Flint. We had company one Sunday and for some reason, I happened to take the sleeper train that departed at 2:00 a.m. I went down and got in my sleeper, and woke up in Chicago. That is an exciting thing. Sometimes I wouldn't feel like taking the sleeper, and I would take the plane. This time I didn't feel like getting up Monday morning, so I cancelled my airplane ticket and took the train to Chicago. Getting off the train, the paperboys showed me a paper and the headlines read, 'Airplane crash in Lake Michigan, all on board were killed.’" “That was my airplane," said Brandt. Henry continued to see God's protection as he traveled back and forth for three years, while in the position of visiting professor.

"The earth shall be filled with the Glory of the Lord." Numbers 14:21

Henry began to reach beyond the homeland, after he received a letter from HCJB radio in Quito Ecuador asking him to speak at their annual meeting. Henry recalls not having any money, but he decided to "trust the Lord by Faith for the money." "God is faithful and just not to forget your labor of love."  Henry never received any money for this trip, but out of this experience, he chartered the course where he did his work for free. He worked for Campus Crusade for free, but the Lord always provided for his needs. Henry continued to touch the lives of others outside the United States, as he would continue to visit the mission field and minister to missionaries on a regular basis. Over a ten-year span he would travel to Africa at least once a year. Near the end of Henry’s worldwide ministry, he had been making mission trips for 20 years.

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Detailed Biography

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“The heart of the problem is a problem with the heart.”
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 "If I go before you, I would like to be holding the tape when you finish the race
God has given you to run."  

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