Henry Brandt Foundation
Biblical Answers to Challenging Questions

Leadership Team

Executive Director

Helmut Teichert

Helmut directed Paragon Productions, the multimedia ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ, from 1973 until 1990. At that time, he left Campus Crusade and founded Turning Point Productions, a media production company for Christian ministries.

In 1998, Helmut again began working for Dr. Bill Bright as a media producer. In the years that followed, Helmut helped Dr. Bright structure and launch Bright Media Foundation. He was the Creative Producer and Executive Director of Bright Media Foundation during the last six years of Dr. Bright’s life. He then served as COO of Bright Media from 2003 to 2005.

In 2006, Helmut became the Executive Director of Henry Brandt Ministries.


Dr. Henry Brandt

Board of Directors

Thomas P. Babagian, M.A.
Marriage, Family & Child Counseling

Dr. Dale Burroughs
Founder & President
Biblical Heritage Institute

Kimra Johnston, Ph.D
Christian Counselor

Harold Vick
Retired Chairman
Kimley-Horn & Associates, Inc.

Advisory Board

Dr. Dela Adadevoh
Int'l Vice President
Campus Crusade for Christ

Erik W. Daniels, MTx, MFP
Ronald Blue & Co.

Bert Harned, M.D.
Author, Discipleship Leader

Duane A. Law, M.A.
Christian Counselor
Administrative Director

Sam & Mary Glynn Peeples
Christian Ministries, Inc

Dr. Kerry L. Skinner
Coauthor to Dr. Brandt
Senior Associate Pastor
Cottage Hill Baptist Church

Tony Stinson
Kingdom Advisors

Charter Members

Dr. Henry Brandt

Erik W. Daniels, MTX, MFP

Kimra Johnston, Ph.D

Dr. Kerry L. Skinner

Tony Stinson

Helmut Teichert